Much has been accomplished in Ras Al Khaimah that has caught the attention of the world. These include resorts, mixed-use investments and tourism development clusters. They also include confident steps toward developing nature and adventure tourism, and meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) sector development. We have expanded our international promotion capabilities and opened new air routes with new airlines calling on the Emirate from new markets.
The resulting gains have been multi-dimensional. They range from positioning Ras Al Khaimah as a rising international destination with some new and dynamic experiences, to realizing aggressive growth in visitor arrivals and one of the highest occupancy rates in the world. These achievements created confidence among investors in the Emirate’s future, which is being translated into notable successes attracting large-scale hotel and resort investments.
Today, Ras Al Khaimah finds itself on the cusp of further growth and success, with the opportunity to shape our future as globally competitive, sustainable and agile in a dynamic global marketplace. We now embark on a new three-year strategy that will lead to a more successful future for our tourism sector and will contribute to a more prosperous economy for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.
Our vision is to inspire travelers by delivering sustainable nature based adventure and authentic cultural experiences. We will raise overall competitiveness of the industry by focusing on carefully selected priority areas for implementation that will set us apart from the competitive tourism world. At Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAK TDA), we are proud to work with our partners in leading this journey.


Our vision is to become a regional leader in sustainable tourism attracting over 3 million annual visitors by 2030, nurturing a tourism industry which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable; and supports an improving quality of life for our citizens and workforce, while conserving and enhancing our unique environment.


To transform Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism industry into a sustainable driver of economy for the Emirate.
Diversify and enhance the visitor experience in Ras Al Khaimah through differentiated development of sustainable experiences that are aligned with our vision
Raise the overall competitiveness of Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism industry to attract new investments
Position and promote Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism offering in targeted international markets to generate higher yield customers throughout the year
Expand tourism-driven employment, particularly for Emiratis and Ras Al Khaimah residents; improve quality of work life for employees of tourism establishments
Enhance liveability by improving the lifestyle of local Emiratis and Residents


Inspire travelers by delivering sustainable nature-based adventure and authentic cultural experiences.

- Enhance livability
- Community involvement
- Destination employee assistance program (EAP)

- Increase tourism GDP contribution
- Focus on efforts towards right markets & segments
- Tourism investments
- Product development
- Host world-class MICE, festival & events
- Strategic partnerships
- Improve destination connectivity

- Regional leadership sustainable tourism
- Destination certification program
- RAK accreditation program for tourism business (white label program)

- Grow number of visitors
- Increase visitor spending
- Increase overall destination competitiveness
- Strengthen quality of visitor’s experience
- Achieve internationally recognized sustainable tourism certification
- Create tourism products that cater to demand & visitors’ needs
- Enhance tourism infrastructure across the Emirate
- Assist with enhancement of affordable and efficient transport both within the Emirate and inter-Emirates
- Increase number of jobs within the tourism sector
- Enhance lifestyle of Emiratis and residents in Ras Al Khaimah
- Improve quality of work for employees at tourism establishments

- Strong leadership
- Clear direction